A work in progress

This is an artists statement of a work in progress. 

All of my projects stem from personal need. The necklace that got me on The Martha Show, was created out of need. I needed a chunky, turquoise accessory to go with a specific deep red dress that was inexpensive. I created it for myself, others liked it, the project spread. 

We have this huge wall in our house that has been very hard to decorate. We couldn’t decide what to put on this huge, asymmetric wall. It’s huge and huge artwork is expensive. I am an artist, so I had to figure out something to create. 

My nature collage series was put together to satisfy the home decor need of this wall, but it also helps to document my recent gardening hobby. I love that the things in the pictures are from our yard. I think these photographs will stand the test of time as I will lovingly look back on the rose buds and the ferns and fig leaves and such. 

I think the images are striking and beautiful, and I intend to continue the series over the next year, and possibly beyond. I think it will be interesting and fulfilling to document the four seasons of nature around our home here in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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